The Influential Team Leader

The Influential Team Leader aims to develop the people-centred skills that are decisive in bringing out the best that others have to offer. Delegates will learn how to respect diverse opinions, incorporate the needs of others, promote creativity, and recognise and develop the potential in those around them.

All leaders can get people to achieve, but influential leaders get people to want to achieve. By understanding how, they can cultivate an environment that is collaborative, trusting and positive – it is only these leaders who will motivate, inspire and encourage wholehearted engagement.

This two day course covers the following:-

Leading a Team

  • Exploring Leadership Styles
  • Understand the link between Emotional Intelligence (the ability or capacity to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, and others) and leading a team

Influencing through behaviour

  • Learn how to communicate with your people in the most effective way by understanding the basic principles of the Social Style behavioural model
  • Apply the Social Style theory to positively influence your team members
  • Understand the relationship between personality and leader behaviour

Turning Negative into Positive

  • Describe how assertive and non-assertive behaviour affects other people’s perception.
  • Develop tools to communicate in an effective and “blameless” manner.
  • Use coaching skills to deal with disagreements and conflict situations.

Making a difference

  • Develop ideas and innovative solutions that will add value to the Business
  • Identify issues connected with introducing change
  • Overcome resistance to change
  • Successfully manage the change transition

Summary and Action Plan

  • Reviewing the day
  • Setting SMART targets