The Art of Influence

How to persuade others
Are you finding it hard to get buy-in from key stakeholders? Do you work with others to meet a business need but find it tricky to get them to do what you want?

During this course, you will learn the skills required to positively influence key decision makers and other members of your organisation while gaining their buy-in and support to implement what you require.

This highly interactive session blends discussion with practical exercises.

Welcome and Introduction

  • Who’s Who
  • Aims and objectives
  • What do we mean by influencing?

Understand your preferred influencing style?

  • What influence do I have?
  • Styles of Influencing
  • Which style is most effective?

Develop your credibility with key stakeholders

  • The importance of credibility when seeking to influence others.
  • Understanding the link between perceived expertise, relationships and credibility.
  • How much credibility do I have with those I seek to influence?

Practice positive influencing techniques

  • How to engage others and gain commitment
  • Channelling others towards accepting our needs

Step by Step Influencing Action Plan

  • Creating a step by step Influencing Action Plan
  • Practical session using life scenarios to assist individuals preparing to influence others.