Now That’s What I Call Service

Managing client expectations
Client service is today’s differentiator in the professional service world and a must for anyone providing any form of service to clients whether directly (face to face) or indirectly (as part of the process).

The session focuses on recognising our internal and external clients, understanding and pre-empting expectations and identifying how to provide and promote outstanding client service.

A trainer led workshop combining theory with practical and relevant activities. This highly interactive session blends discussion with the application of skills.

Welcome and Introduction

  • Who’s Who
  • Aims and objectives of the session

Understanding our clients

  • Who are our clients?
  • How can they help us understand their needs?
  • Physical, Transactions and Interactions

Providing Outstanding Service

  • Recognising and understanding exceptional client service
  • How well am I doing and what can I improve on
  • Developing my service skill set

Summary and Toolkit

  • Observations from today’s learning
  • Development of action plans
  • Sound Bite “tipster” sheet