Maximising the Potential

Coaching team members in the workplace
Looking to get the best from your team? Want to learn the essential skills to challenge and build confidence in your team members?

Achieving a happy, motivated team who are performing at their best is one of the essential skills for you to learn as a manager.

This course will help you to build strong working relationships where you can challenge your team members in an effective manner. You will use recognised coaching models and techniques to work on how to give constructive feedback and turn around difficult conversations.

Welcome and Introduction

  • Who’s Who
  • Aims and objectives of the session

Coaching conversations – why and how?

  • Where and how can I use coaching in my role?
  • What are the advantages of coaching conversations?
  • What challenges might I face?

Using Coaching Models effectively

  • What is a coaching model?
  • Why is it helpful?
  • Selecting the right model for you

Coaching into Action

  • Using coaching techniques to build confidence and performance
  • Preparing for coaching conversations
  • Using constructive feedback in your coaching conversation
  • Turning round a difficult conversation

Final Reflection

  • What have we learnt today
  • How will this help us moving forward
  • When and what will we commit to as part of our personal development