Learning to Let Go

The art of delegation
It’s quicker if I do it myself!

These are the words often used by those of us who struggle to delegate tasks and are continually juggling balls. The most successful and time rich individuals are those who have identified and employed the art of delegation.

This course will help you identify what stands in your way, what can and should be delegated and how you can achieve successful outcomes for all parties when you delegate effectively.

This highly interactive session blends discussion with practical exercises.

Welcome and Introduction

  • Who’s Who
  • Aims and objectives of the session

Understanding Delegation

  • Recognising effective delegation and how it fits into your role
  • Why delegate – the pros and cons?
  • The difference between delegation or “dumping”
  • Why we fail to delegate effectively or at all

Achieving effective outcomes

  • What, why, who, how and when
  • A planned approach – making it SIMPLE
  • The Added Bonus – when delegation is done well
  • Real life scenarios and case studies – putting the theory into practice

Summary and Toolkit

  • Observations from today’s learning
  • Development of action plans