Developing Yourself and Others

Great managers and leaders recognise the need to understand and develop themselves before helping to develop their team members.

The most effective leaders will be highly self-aware, they will recognise their strengths and weaknesses and welcome input and feedback from others.

This one day course (which can be delivered as part of an ILM accreditation or tailored to suit specific organisational requirements) will analyse your own and one other member of your team’s development needs and learning styles. You will decide how you will plan to meet these development needs, what support mechanisms are available and how the development can be monitored.

By the end of this course, you will:

Know how to identify development needs by:

  • Identifying own learning style(s) and the learning style(s) of another member of the team
  • Using a simple technique for identifying own development needs and the development needs of another member of the team
  • Explaining how barriers to learning can be overcome
  • Identifying potential barriers to learning

Know how to develop self and others to achieve organisational objectives by:

  • Briefly analysing learning and development options to meet need(s) of self and another member of the team
  • Identifying support mechanisms for the development of self and another member of the team
  • Describing a method that could be used to monitor the development of self and another member of the team
  • Preparing a development plan to achieve a learning objective for self or another team member