Managing Several Bosses

At the centre of catering to many masters is the reality that the work must get done.

If you are struggling to juggle the needs of several “bosses” whilst remaining calm, professional and without impacting the quality of your working relationships then this course is for you.

A practical one day course which provides sound advice, practical tips and proven techniques to help make handling your job seem almost effortless.

We focus on how to deal with more than one boss by helping you manage your workload, different personalities and expectations and your sanity while getting results on the job.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Learn and develop strategies for handling specific boss types
  • Discover ways to identify, acknowledge and accommodate boss preferences and differences
  • Obtain tips and tricks for managing virtual or remote bosses
  • Acquire guidelines for chunking and clustering your tasks to maximise your productivity
  • Control stress levels by acting assertively
  • Delegate at key points to meet peak workloads
  • Know how to initiate discussions with your bosses to clarify your role and manage their expectations on an ongoing basis