Developing Individual Mental Toughness

It’s tough at the top .. and management at any level presents daily challenges.

Strong mental toughness helps individuals push through the difficult situations while maintaining peak performance. It’s a skill that can be learnt and one which should sit in every manager’s toolkit. Not only will it help you on a daily basis, it will help you provide effective role modelling to your team members.

This one day course can be delivered as part of an ILM accreditation or tailored to suit specific organisational requirements.

By the end of this course you will:

Be able to assess own mental toughness by: 

  • Explaining the importance and implications of mental toughness
  • Evaluating a model that measures mental toughness
  • Measuring own mental toughness using a relevant model

Understand how mental toughness can be developed by:

  • Using the results of own mental toughness assessment and examining the implications for self and organisation
  • Evaluating tools for developing mental toughness

Be able to plan to improve own mental toughness by:

  • Producing an action plan to develop own mental toughness
  • Explaining the benefits of implementing the action plan
  • Explaining how you will monitor and evaluate the action plan