Decision Quality and Priority Setting

Time is of the essence – we are all so incredibly busy and yet not as busy as our approach to decision making would suggest. Many important decisions are left until the last minute, forcing a quick decision when it was not originally necessary. As a result quick decisions are often poor quality decisions.

In order to arrive at consistently high-quality decisions, we need to slow down, prioritise our time effectively and recognise which decisions we may need to spend more time on.

This one day course will cover the following:

Making Decisions: reflecting on what we do now?

  • Quality decisions
  • What types of decision do I have to make?
  • How do I normally make decisions?
  • Decision making styles

The Decision Making Process

  • Course of action or problem solving?
  • The 6-stage Decision-Making Process
  • Tools and techniques to assist decision making
  • Implementing your decision

What affects our decision making?

  • How our mind impacts the decisions we make?
  • What action can we take to influence quality decisions?
  • Influencing decision making

Quality Decisions: Planning & Prioritising

  • Why planning and prioritising contributes to quality decision?
  • Effective Prioritisation using the Eisenhower Grid
  • What gets in the way of prioritising effectively
  • Managing time effectively – putting the theory into practice