Choosing your Battles

Handling difficult situations effectively
We all face difficult situations in the workplace however the reality is that we often ignore the situation or don’t deal with it in the most effective way.

The session focuses on the causes and stages of conflict whilst recognising its’ positive and negative effects. Using recognised techniques, delegates will learn how to approach conflict in a constructive way and manage difficult situations effectively.

A trainer led workshop combining theory with practical and relevant activities. This highly interactive session blends discussion with the application of skills.

Welcome and Introduction

  • Who’s Who
  • Aims and objectives of the session

Understanding Conflict

  • What is Conflict and what causes it?
  • Recognising the different stages of conflict
  • Positive and negative impacts of conflict

Minimising and Resolving Conflict

  • How do I approach conflict?
  • Minimising and Resolving Conflict – the Interest Based Relational Approach
  • Working through a difficult situation

Summary and Toolkit

  • Observations from today’s learning
  • Development of action plans
  • Sound Bite “tipster” sheet