Achieving Outstanding Service through Teamwork

Delivered for business service teams, this two day course assists teams when working together to develop their own client service strategy.

The course is tailored to individual organisational specification and works alongside the organisation’s client service strategy and/or core values and branding (both internal and external).

We focus on the strengths and areas of development for the team, individual skills improvement/sharing best practice with the ultimate goal of achieving outstanding client service.

This split two day highly interactive workshop will combine theory with practical and relevant activities. Day 2 is delivered between 3-5 weeks later.

Who do we think we are?

  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities of individuals
  • The role of the team and how this aligns to the business strategy/brand

Team Activity: a tailored team building activity

  • To demonstrate the importance of team work
  • To identify preferred team roles
  • To understand how team work contributes to client service

Understanding our clients

  • To identify and clarify our stakeholders/client base
  • To understand our clients basic requirements
  • To review how we currently think

Outstanding Service: tailored case study (two teams):

  • To enable delegates to identify exceptional client service and align this to their own client base
  • To identify the most effective form of service measurement
  • To revisit and clarify performance standards for client service

Setting Team Objectives: our Customer Charter

  • What are we here to deliver?
  • How do we measure our Team’s successes/areas for further development

Day 2

To review what has been learnt and implemented since Day One and to focus on individual skills improvement/sharing best practice.

Team Review

  • How have we done?
  • What have we learnt?
  • What can we share?

How is my client service?

  • Reflection on good/bad client service skills
  • Self-assessment of strengths and areas for development; to include 360 feedback

Tools and techniques to improve service skills

  • Using client feedback effectively
  • Developing active listening
  • Dealing with challenging clients
  • Managing client expectations
  • Case studies for practical application

Personal Development

  • SWOT Reflection
  • Setting individual SMART Objectives